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Dr. Kate White

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After caring for more than 1,000 women with pregnancy loss—and living through my own miscarriages—I’ve written an in-depth guide to diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from pregnancy loss. Read more →

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03 Oct: Pregnancy of Unknown Location

Pregnancy of unknown location is confusing as well as emotionally painful. I break down what it means and how you have to manage it.

03 Sep: STD Risk

This reader wants to know her partner’s STD risk if they don’t use condoms. Learn about which STDs you can get tested for – and which ones you can’t.

27 Aug: Mifepristone for Miscarriage Treatment

When you have an early miscarriage, your doctor may offer you medical management. Learn here about the medications used to start a miscarriage.

20 Aug: Methotrexate for Ectopic Pregnancy

Methotrexate for an ectopic pregnancy can seem scary. Learn about how the medication works, how you follow-up, and how you know if it works.

13 Aug: What Doesn’t Cause Miscarriage

Please don’t blame yourself for a miscarriage. Learn about how the things that you fear may have caused your pregnancy loss, had nothing to do with it.

07 Aug: Withdrawal Alternative?

You like using withdrawal for birth control. But you want something more effective that doesn’t contain hormones. Learn about other non-hormonal methods of contraception.

30 Jul: When Does My Biological Clock Run Out?

How do you balance living your life and your biological clock? We talk about the factors that influence your fertility, and how to figure out when to use it.

23 Jul: Understanding Pap Smear Results

Are your pap smear results confusing or scary? Learn about what phrases mean everything is fine, and what phrases mean your pap is abnormal.

16 Jul: Spotting When You’re Not On Birth Control

Don’t panic if you have spotting between your periods. Irregular bleeding is common when you’re not on birth control. Learn when to go to your gyno about it.

09 Jul: The Pain of Recurrent UTI

Learn what causes recurrent UTI, how your doctor makes the diagnosis, and the best way to treat these infections to stop the burning and give you relief.

02 Jul: Combined Oral Contraceptive Pills: So Much More Than Birth Control

My new patient J. came into my office with her mother last week to discuss her awful periods. She’s 13,…